Eaton Recognized By CIO As A 2016 CIO 100 Award Winner

18 October 2016

Eaton recently announced that it’s a recipient of the 2016 CIO 100 Award. CIO magazine recognized Eaton’s advanced analytics capabilities, which deliver rich insights into Eaton customer behavior.

This technology is the foundation for a deeper dive into the customer engagement experience by understanding digital body language, prospecting and affinity analytics. It’s an interactive journey that takes Eaton from the realm of static operational analytics and KPI reporting to a world of visual exploration, segmentation and predicting customer behavior

The new analytics suite has many features including:
• An integrated view of customers and products across multiple complex data sets
• Sales professionals can quickly identify prospects within their  territory
• A product recommendation engine to cross sell between divisions
• Applies machine learning algorithms to sales invoices to mine for behaviors and make targeted recommendations for cross selling