How Do I Choose The Right UPS?

There are four different kinds of UPSs:

  1. Standby UPSs — These smaller UPSs provide an economical source of protection from power outages, surges and sags. If you just need basic protection for small systems like desktops and cash registers, a small standby UPS like the TG series is your best choice.
  2. Line-interactive UPSs — If you need voltage regulation and power protection for moderate loads (500 VA to 1 kVA), particularly for commercial or office applications, a line-interactive UPS like the SANTAK K/Robus/Blazer series is your best bet.
  3. Double-conversion UPSs — These UPSs convert raw power coming in to refined power by changing it from dirty AC to DC, clean it and then convert it back to AC. For very sensitive, expensive equipment that needs clean, true sine-wave power, a double-conversion UPS like the SANTAK Clastle series is the smart pick.