IT Mythbusters

Change is constant. That’s especially true when it comes to power. The need for "always on" infrastructures and the rise of power density will directly impact remote management/automation requirements, the demands on the electrical grid and energy price. While no one in IT can predict power’s future with 100 percent certainty, we believe tomorrow’s applications will be shaped by these industry-changing trends.

IT pros have begun to implement the latest IT strategies and products to battle tomorrow’s higher energy demands and costs:
  1. Predictive Analytics – Know about power issues before they happen.
  2. Autonomous Monitoring – Allows equipment to function on its own (and notify you if something goes awry!)
  3. Alternative Batteries – Lithium-ion batteries that offer longer lifespan and quicker recharging rates.
  4. Efficiency – Effectively conserving the energy you consume to reduce electrical costs.
Peak Shaving – Consuming energy at times when the kWh cost is cheapest.