Why The Need For Power Protection?

Reason #1: Utility companies
  1. Utility power isn't clean. Mainly because it doesn't have to be. By law, it can vary widely enough to cause significant problems for your equipment.
  2. Utility power isn't 100% reliable. In the U.S., it's 99.9 percent reliable, which translates into a likely nine hours of total downtime every year. Just from issues at the power company.
  3. Even short outages can be trouble. Losing power for just 10 seconds can trigger events that may require 15 minutes or possibly hours to get equipment back online.
Reason #2: The problems and risks are intensifying
  1. High-tech equipment is highly sensitive. Computing and networking components are more vulnerable than ever to power problems. As technology improves, high-density servers are doing more, which puts more at risk.
  2. Availability is everything. If IT systems go down, the entire enterprise can't function.
  3. Downtime is costly. Some industry estimates believe the U.S. economy loses between $200 billion and $570 billion a year as a result of outages and other disturbances.
Reason #3: Generators and surge suppressors are not enough
  1. Generators only work when the power's off.
  2. Backup generators address outages but provide no protection from the other power disturbances.
  3. You need more than a surge protector.