Santak Feature Article | Face To Screen, Santak Attends The 128th Canton "Cloud" Fair

Between October 15 and 24, 2020, the 128th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) was once again held via the cloud. The fair is a driver of dual-circulation, domestic and overseas trade, providing a truly Chinese solution for the promotion of Sino-foreign exchange and cooperation in the areas of economy and trade, and furthering the development of an open world economy.

As an outstanding global UPS developer, producer and operator, with a strong foothold in China, Santak has leveraged the opportunity presented by dual circulation to introduce partners and actively deploy domestic and international resources in the formation of an ecosystem covering both the domestic and overseas markets. At the fair, Santak displayed production strength, R&D technology, new products and solutions through a range of different mediums, including videos, live broadcasts and online products.

Santak Attends the Canton "Cloud" Fair

In 2020, both production and livelihoods have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. As an important platform for opening up and international trade, and in response to the special circumstances created by the pandemic, the Canton Fair was held via the cloud.

Santak took full advantage of this new, online exhibition model in a bid to provide global customers with a more comprehensive and tangible showcase of its products. Customers all around the globe were able to gain a comprehensive understanding of Santak without even having to leave their homes. This, in conjunction with online consultations and negotiations, ensured a positive exhibition experience for customers.


Reaching out to a Broad Range of Customers through an Integrated Online Platform

The Canton fair provides exhibitors, including Santak, with an integrated negotiation platform for online promotions and interconnectivity. Santak sought to both proactively explore business expansion opportunities via the online channel, and showcase several of its flagship products, including 3A3 PT UPS and the Castle (SCC) series, providing comprehensive, efficient and high-quality technical support and services for business- and enterprise-level power protection solutions through real-time product demonstrations and technology/application Q&As, etc.

The new-generation fully upgraded modular UPS ARRAY 3A3 PT made its debut at the Canton Fair. The product boasts advantages including high availability and low total cost of ownership (TCO). The strong performance and efficiency of this product provided global customers with further insight into the rich array of configurations and high product quality.

  • Purely digital advanced control algorithm with over 96% online double-conversion efficiency.
  • 99% energy-saving ECO mode.
  • Modular solution for rapid deployment and a flexible response to business needs.
  • Flexible and convenient, vertical and horizontal direction N+X redundancy configurations.
  • Intelligent generator alignment, advanced battery management and more accurate battery backup estimations for more flexible battery configurations.
  • Reliable data protection with a diversified HMI and Virtualization Manager.

Santak has put good use to its experience from cloud attendance of the last two Canton Fairs and consecutive years of online marketing via platforms such as Tmall, Taobao and This experience has helped ensure mutually beneficial development for partners and can be seen in Santak's active planning, ongoing innovation, and durable support of overseas distributor exploration into innovative business models such as online marketing, network promotions and live-broadcast sales.

Fighting the Pandemic and Taking Advantage of Dual-Circulation

The Canton Fair connects foreign trade companies with global buyers, and serves as an efficient platform and bridge between supply and demand. The fair is conducive for removing import and export barriers, and maintaining smooth operations of the global industrial chain and supply chains, which has always been the major focus for overseas buyers. The event represents the initiative taken by countries across the globe for a steady and diligent promotion of development, held in accordance with epidemic prevention and control measures. For Santak, the fair has provided an important opportunity for the expansion of international business, communication with global customers, and the achievement of mutually beneficial results.

In the future, Santak will continue to drive market penetration in local and regional markets within China, whilst also consolidating its overseas business operations. With strong R&D capabilities, reliable product quality, and a complete, fast and efficient after-sales service system, Santak will provide safer, more flexible, more efficient and more energy-saving products and solutions whilst assisting in efforts to fight the pandemic and promote the resumption of work and production. All of this comes in conjunction with Santak's contribution to the development of dual-circulation, domestic and overseas trade.