Canton Fair, Global Share | Santak Actively Promoting "Made in China" and Expanding in Southeast Asia

The 129th Canton Fair will once again be held online from April 15–24, 2021, with the theme "Canton Fair, Global Share." As a leading international manufacturer of UPS development, production and operation based in China, Santak has pro-actively prepared for the Canton Fair, bringing good-quality UPS products to domestic and foreign purchasers so as to build a solid foundation for Santak's overseas expansion.

During the Canton Fair, Santak will use various channels, such as video, livestreaming, product displays, and so on, to interface with customers more conveniently, reach out to foreign markets, and seize new development opportunities.

To meet the demand of the Southeast Asian market, we'll display the full series of corporate-level Castle UPS, Santak batteries, PDU, and business- and office-level UPS products.

From April 16–24, Santak will hold livestream events for experts from Santak's overseas sales department to answer questions, introduce Santak's key products overseas, and talk about new opportunities and challenges in the overseas market. In addition, on April 19 we will hold a "cloud visit" via livestream to showcase our factories, R&D technology, new products and solutions to customers worldwide.

Welcome to scan the QR code or click the picture to visit us at the 129th Canton Fair Virtual Exhibition

"Go to Nanyang" and Make a Difference

In the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, people from Guangdong and Fujian coastal areas went to Southeast Asia to engage in official affairs, do business, and work, and some people migrated there. These kinds of activities are referred to as "Going to Nanyang." In today's era, however, "Go to Nanyang" refers to selling products made in China in Southeast Asia. Joining the Canton Fair is a great opportunity for Santak to introduce its easy-to-use, reliable, and safe UPS and other relevant products to the Southeast Asian market, a springboard for a larger foreign market. Santak's entrance into the market has also injected new vigor into the key equipment protection industry in the region.

To promote the brand in Southeast Asia, Santak first focused on three major countries: the steadily developing Vietnam, the digitalizing Indonesia, and the transforming Afghanistan. Santak chose these three countries for their great potential in the area of business development; the same goes for China, which is currently undergoing reform and opening-up.

Santak continues to embrace a broad range of partners with an open and cooperative attitude. We have always insisted on putting the customer first and have worked with partners to promote the application of UPS products in multiple industry scenarios, and to assist in the digitalization of industries in Southeast Asia. Meanwhile, we pro-actively adapt to the needs of industrial development, working with overseas partners to create a new industrial ecosystem and achieve mutual benefit.

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