Santak Appears At 2020 Yangon ICT Exhibition To Provide Protection For Critical Loads

Not long ago, the 2020 ICT Exhibition was held in Yangon, Myanmar's largest city. This exhibition is Myanmar's influential computer and mobile technology pageant, gathering well-known exhibitors from many countries. Together with its Myanmar's partner, Santak Electronic (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. brought a variety of Santak innovative products to the exhibition, leading the way with advanced digital control technology.



Santak, as a well-known international manufacturer of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) development, production and operation in China, has all along been focusing on UPS power supply system and data center industry chain. On the basis of ensuring product quality, Santak continuously strives to ensure the stable operation of all key equipment to realize continuous market growth through technological innovation, solution innovation and standardized and efficient services. At the same time, Santak actively explores overseas markets, attracting the active participation of many overseas agents and domestic core partners, which has laid a good foundation for the promotion of Santak brand to the international market.



At this exhibition, Santak displayed a variety of UPS power supply systems and battery products such as K series and Castle series, which has fully demonstrated Santak service technology capability. Among them, K series UPS, as an application for personal and business purposes, has automatic voltage stabilizing function, wide input range and surge protection capability, and supports automatic starting function and cold start, which is convenient for power management and application operation under unattended conditions. As an on-line UPS with a wide market stock and a best-selling market, Santak Castle serial UPS further improves the adaptability and reliability of products on the basis of solving nine power problems including mains power failure, voltage sag, surge, undervoltage, overvoltage, electronic interference, frequency fluctuation, transient and harmonic distortion, and provides reliable guarantee for critical loads and data as well as UPS itself.


The Santak series UPS products displayed this time mainly serve personal computers, office and business equipment, embedded and automatic control systems, IT and network equipment. Its more energy-saving and environment-friendly green power design, intelligent humanity design to monitor batteries in real time, and high adaptability to electric power environment and natural environment have attracted a lot of customers and merchants to stop for visits and consultations, all of whom expressed satisfaction with the performance of Santak products and brand-new appearance design. Several purchase intentions were reached on the spot.

At present, UPS power supply system has been widely used in enterprise critical load and data center industry. Santak has been a steady cultivator in UPS field. Its understanding of data center comes from the technology and operation and maintenance experience widely used in the industry. In fact, Santak's input and service capabilities in UPS technology and data center products and solutions have been widely recognized in the industry.


Santak is actively exploring markets in countries and regions along the coastline. The market opportunities for Myanmar and Southeast Asia to improve their infrastructure construction are in line with Santak overseas development strategy. Santak will continue to support Myanmar's partners, accelerate the building process of Santak brand and provide Myanmar users with better products and services.

With President Xi Jinping's visit to Myanmar, both Myanmar and China have entered a new stage of national development and bilateral relations are facing more new opportunities for development. In the future, Santak will lay out the regional market in depth, gather advantageous resources and promote business development to expand more growth space.