Santak Makes Its First Big Move Of 2017 With Proactive Overseas Market Deployment


As 2017 began, Santak Electronics (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd., a subsidiary of worldwide power management leader Eaton, held a press conference. The press conference commenced the Santak UPS brand's entry into the overseas market, publicized Santak's new policies regarding its 2017 overseas market expansion strategy, and formally launched Santak's official international website ( As a leading brand in China's UPS industry, Santak has reached out to the overseas market and attracted an array of agents overseas, as well as key partners at home. This has laid a solid foundation for Santak to expand its overseas market in 2017.


With the incentives of the "One Belt, One Road" policy, China's enterprises are actively exploring the markets in countries and regions along the "One Belt, One Road" routes to discover new business opportunities. With the direction for "international industrial capacity cooperation" having been put forward, China's enterprises are even more determined to go global. Against such a backdrop, the interconnection of infrastructure is one of the key areas for cooperation, presenting a great opportunity for many infrastructure manufacturers. Santak is the most popular UPS brand in the Chinese market. On the basis of its strong R&D capacity; reliable product quality; and mature, fast, highly efficient post-sale service, Santak is set to use its 30+ years of experience and solid foundation to set foot into the international market.

The press conference marks the first move in Santak's 2017 efforts to expand into the international market. Andy Low, Business Unit Manager, Distributed Power Quality Division, Electrical Sector – Asia , was present at this press conference and gave a detailed introduction to Santak's plans for expanding into the overseas market, as well as its channel development strategy. He said: "Santak, a subsidiary of leading power management company Eaton, will integrate the superb global resources of Eaton to expand into the overseas UPS market. This will greatly benefit its channel partners, and tap into the potential of its channels; together, we will work to provide superb power quality solutions that meet the needs of overseas users."

       (Andy Low, Business Unit Manager, Distributed Power Quality Division, Electrical Sector – Asia )

Santak revealed its 2017 product line and solutions for overseas markets. Other highlights of the press conference included Santak's UPS products, power converters, and batteries. Senior technology experts and product managers from Eaton and Santak engaged in a deep discussion with guests present, then showed them Santak's Shenzhen factory and state-of-the-art CEC testing center. They also introduced Santak's technological advantages, experienced teams, and attractive channel strategies. All of these factors gave the overseas partners who had come specifically for the conference increased confidence in Santak's entry into the international market.

           (Leon Wang, Santak's Overseas Business Development Manager)

Leon Wang, Santak's Overseas Business Development Manager,expressed great confidence in Santak's prospects for expanding its overseas markets. He said: "In the future, Santak will made a strong showing in the international market with its strong product line. Channel recruiting events will be conducted in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, Latin America, etc., bringing even greater prospects for profit and growth to Santak's overseas partners. Santak will work together with its partners to give brand new product experiences to end-users around the globe, and bring Santak's uncompromising quality, ever-innovating technology, and highly efficient service to the world!"


About Santak
Santak Electronics (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd. has operated in China for over 30 years. It is widely recognized by users in all industries in China for its strong technical R&D; reliable product quality; and complete, fast and efficient after-sale service. Its products are extensively used in many sectors, including government, financial, telecommunications, power supply, transportation, R&D institutes, manufacturing and the military, providing secure and reliable power sources for tens of millions of users. Santak joined Eaton in 2008. For more information, visit the company's website:          (English)     (Chinese )