Santak Overseas Partner Conference Building Market-Driven Ecological Chain Of Win-Win Cooperation

Recently, Santak Electronics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Santak") held the 2019 Overseas Session of Santak Partner Conference themed "Over the Peak" in Huangshan, Anhui Province. With partners from Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and other countries, Santak addressed important topics including its overall and overseas businesses, market strategies, channel policies, product systems and overseas services.

This conference showcases Santak’s resolution and confidence of overseas channel expansion and enhances communication with overseas partners, laying a solid foundation for Santak internationalization.

Andy Low, General Manager, Distributed Power Quality Division, Electrical Sector, APAC, Kui He, Head of Santak Brand Business, Robin Zhang, Marketing Director, Distributed Power Quality Division, Eaton Electrical, China, Stella Jin, Product Line Director, Distributed Power Quality Division, Electrical Sector, APAC and other senior leaders attended the conference.

Andy Low introduced Santak business systems to overseas partner representatives and clearly expressed the concept and strategic objectives of win-win cooperation in overseas channel construction.  Meanwhile, Santak will constantly improve channel satisfaction, build a value-added and standardized channel system, and continue providing all-round support to overseas partners in terms of market strategies, technology R&D as well as service systems. He emphasized that, only with the strong support of channel partners in various countries could the businesses be successfully expanded in overseas markets, a brand-new field for Santak. Hence, Santak initiated a new journey of "National Brand Worldwide".

"Thanks to efforts by generations of Santak people, Santak products have been broadly recognized for its reliable product quality, as well as a complete, fast and efficient after-sales service system. Santak is not only an independent brand in China, but also a global brand. As early as in 2008, it joined Eaton, a global power management company. In recent years, Santak has even positioned itself as a Chinese brand advancing towards the world based on its innovation orientation, R&D potentials and Eaton's global platform for overseas market exertion." 

Robin Zhang introduced to overseas partners at the scene: "Santak's complete product line provides a strong guarantee for expansion in overseas markets. In future, Santak will keep concentrating on the strategic development of Southeast Asian markets. While cultivating the inherent advantageous industry, it will breed localized operation capabilities, deepen cooperation with overseas partners, actively promote rapid development of overseas market businesses, as well as promptly and effectively lead partners in ability enhancement, major product investments and further breakthroughs in target markets. Meanwhile, Santak will assist the overseas markets in consolidating their customer value by offering high-quality, green and energy-saving solutions and services, and make itself a strong growth source of Santak brand, thus achieving mutual benefits and win-win situation." 

There were heated exchanges among representatives of overseas partners, who shared experiences and insights and learned from each other from their practices in the markets of their respective regions. Partner representatives expressed that, in the future, they will continue to deepen the cooperative relationship with Santak and work together to expand the overseas markets.

In 2018, Santak has further strengthened the overall sound development trend of steady rise in its overseas markets with refined operation and management capabilities, stable channel policies, and forward-looking strategies. The success of this conference demonstrates again for overseas partners the great prospects and advantages, pointing out the way forward and encouraging morale for overseas partners. In 2019, Santak will create of future cooperation with the determination for innovations and changes.