C1-3K(S) is the newest generation of double conversion topology on-line UPS from Santak. It inherits the high quality standard of the previous Castle series generations, and provides much stronger performance. It offers ideal solution for the major power quality problems such as g rid power failure, under voltage,over voltage, sag, surge, line noise, frequency variation, switching transient,harmonic distortion efficiently, and provides a reliable power protection to the customer equipment. Castle C1-3K(S) product provides high adaptability and flexible configuration,and it is applied with leading DSP control technology and offer multiple and extendable options to meet the increasing customized application demand.

•  Leading double conversion with 0ms transfer time
•  DSP control technology, high reliability
•  Green power design, input PF high to 0.99 and output PF high to 0.9
•  Wider range of input voltage & frequency, (comply with generator)
•  Over Voltage Cut-off Device function to provide best input protection
•  Intelligent battery performance management
•  ECO mode
•  Pure sinewave adaptable to harsh environment
•  Configurable backup time

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•  IT and network equipment
   Small server or workstation
   Switches and monitoring system

•  MOEM and automatic control system
   ATM, ticket machine
   Electricity and railway signal system
   SCADA system

•  Office equipment
   computer, printer
   scanner, POS equipment