As the last device of power distribution chain, the PDU has the closest link with your equipment. Once it goes wrong, the consequences are so severe that there is no way to fix it. It's even more important than front-end distribution device. Santak PDU focuses on establishing a more secure and reliable environment, providing favorable support for efficient and stable operation of the IT room.
  • Features
  • •  Integrated aluminum alloy shell
    •  Engineering plastics panel with high temperature resistance
    •  One-piece core copper conductor
    •  Phosphor bronze shrapnel
    •  Certified plug
    •  Designed with 50N insertion force
    •  10kA Surge protection Device (SPD)

  • Specification
  • Product Application
  • Ideal for protecting:

    •  Construction site
    •  Laboratory
    •  IT room
    •  Plant workshop