PoE UPS is special for PoE camera power backup with Lithium battery to protect camera from power damage of some emergency such as crime, terrorism with destruction, disaster and so on. PoE UPS with compact size that can be easily installed closed to camera to provide the protection. Lithium battery built-in will provide longer lifecycle which is x2.5 compare to lead-Acid battery normally.
  • Features
  • •  15.4W power rating
    •  Up to 180min backup time for 8W camera (normal type)
    •  Average battery lifecycle up to 7 years
    •  Compact size and easy installation
    •  Support PoE camera operation during PoE switch failure/replacement or cable loss/damage
    •  Designed to PoE standard IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at

  • Specification
  • Product Application
  • PoE camera in airport, shipping mall, commercial/financial building and so on