Rack 1-3K(S)

Castle Rack 1-3KVA UPS is on-line double conversion topology uninterruptible power supply with outstanding performance and provide reliable power to the critical equipment of customer. It can work perfectly in harsh utility environment, eliminate all kinds of disturbances in utility power and provide high quality and precise pure sinewave output to protect the precious equipment of customer. It is ideal solution for small power protection needs.


•  Real double conversion with 0ms transfer time
•  Output PF 0.8/0.9 adjustable
•  Wide range of input voltage & frequency
•  2U height, 19inch standard cabinet compliant
•  Comply with generator
•  Digital charger technology provide advanced battery management
•  Pure sinewave adaptable to harsh environment
•  Configurable backup time

Single image

 •  Network closet
•  Telecom Rack
•  Precise equipment
•  Process control
•  Security and monitoring
•  IT equipment in medical and industry